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at baltimore avenue. >>> rescue workers are digging out survivors in the devastated coastal towns of japan. every morning, news is more grim than the day before. linda so joins us p with the latest on the rescue efforts going on right now -- joins us with the latest on the rescue efforts going on right now. >> reporter: the late of the official death toll climbed to 2800 and it's getting worse. this morning, a japanese police official says 1,000 bodies washed ashore in one of the areas hardest hit by the tsunami e he thinks an estimated 10,000 people died -- he thinks an estimated 10,000 people died in his prove ns along. there was another -- province alone. a second explosion happened in three days. 11 people were hurt and it's unclear if radiation leaked during the explosion. new images of the tsunami show how powerful the surge of water was. waves that kept coming and coming lasting for about 15 minutes and devouring everything in its path. for survivors, anxiety is growing. getting the basic necessities is becoming nearly impossible. >> this mother says, i was so stressed i could not p
't -- the problems doesn't seem to end for japan. now serious fears of radiation. the situation there and the efforts to get americans out safely. >>> and the buzzer. >> oh, the buzzer beaters. upsets last second desperation shots. did you see the butler game? thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. charley is on go in st. michael, lucky guy because the weather will be beautiful today. meteorologist lynette charles is filling in for justin berk. always lovely to have you here. >> thank you. i love being here with you guys. we are looking at some fabulous weather for today. fabulous friday. we will take it. we will going to be way above average and warm. temperatures in the mid-70s. it's going to be a little breezy but so what. we have sunshine out there. we have temperatures in the mid- 70s. we have a chance for showers possible early on saturday. but they get out quickly. if they do come, we will see high pressure bring in the sunshine. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, it will stay dry throughout the day. make sure to get out and take advantage of today because you know what, a good
or jfx. now back to you. >> it's getting worse in japan. fierce of radiation are gripping the country. we have learned that a maryland woman was in japan when thequake and tsunami hit. we have the latest on how she is doing. linda. >> reporter: from what we know so far, woman from salisbury is alive and safe. ashleigh debord was northeast of toyo in one of the areas hardest hit by the tsunamiy. her facebook page says she has been in japan since last august. she is a member of the jet program, an organization that promotes teaching and improving relations overseas. she got her masters at the university of hawaii. we want to get you up to speed on the nuclear situation in japan. they are worried about the possibility of a complete meltdown. there's been another explosion and fire at the fukushima power plant. dangerous levels of radiation has forced japan's prime minister to order people living nearby to stay indoors. all this as the death toll from the massive earthquake and tsunami continues to ride. the official number stand at 2475 with thousands still missing. but a glimmer of good new
. now back to you. >> thanks. >>> we have new video to show you out of japan showing people running for their lives as the tsunami waives approached last -- waives approached last week. -- waves approached last week. people seeking shelter as the waves apropped and swept across the area -- approach the air and swept across the area. official say -- approached and swept across the area. nearly 7900 people are reported missing. one of the big concerns this morning is radiation levels that have hundreds of thousands of japanese very worried this morning. linda so has an update on what's happened with workers at that damaged nuclear plant. linda. >> reporter: well, there was a temporary setback this morning when the 70 workers left at the plant had to pull back. radiation levels were so high making it dangerous for them to be there. but we learned they are going back in. it's an overwhelming situation for those hardest hit by the tsunamiy. people overcome with grief, desperate to find loved ones missing. making a phone call has been nearly impossible. as fierce of radiation grip the cou
want to begin with breaking news out of asia where an 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck japan killing at least 29 people. it struck hundreds of miles away from tokyo in the northeastern part of the country. we will show you live pictures of the devastation that happened here. it triggered a tsunami with waves really high about 33 feet. water was gushing and it took cars off bridges, and people running out of their buildings in panic. we want to show you what the moment was like following the quake. you can see the panic and the rattleing inside buildings many people were not knowing what was going on. buildings were violently shaking as people tried to run to -- shaking as people tried to run to safety. this is video and cones and cars being washed away by mud. it happened in a rural part of northern japan. fire is breaking out as the mud engulfs everything in this area. again, reports are telling us at least 29 people killed so far. but that death toll could go up as they go in there and search for survivors, people buildings washed away cars washed-up with bridges and marylanders ar
'donnell betweenlyn -- linwood and potomac. >>> one minute after six. the late nest japan. it's getting -- latest in japan. it's getting tense where helicopters are dumping sea water on the burning plants. television footage shows the water disburse in the wind. the united states says its chartering planes to help americans get out of the country. the u.s. is recommending that citizens not stay during the nuke clear crisis. elevated -- nuclear crisis. elevated levels of raiding ahas been detected and sign tests say it's possible the plume could move over alaska and west coast of the united states late tomorrow afternoon. doctors say the radiation levels will be minimal. >>> a young howard county woman is trying to get home from japan this morning. danielle jacobs is a student at towson university and spending her senior year as part of an exchange program. she was in class at tokyo international university when the earthquake hit. to beingo was few hundred miles from the epicenter and there are concerns of radiation leaking from the fukushima nuclear power plant. >> i am scared, but most of me is
on the devastation in japan where the death toll is expected to continue to rise. police officials are estimating # sel,000 died as a result of -- 18,000 died as a result of the earth conveying and tsunami. the bodies is 8500 and nearly 13,000 people are reported missing. >>> at the fukushima power plants plant, officials are -- plant, officials are monitoring the buildup of pressure. plans to preinvestigate the team was put on hold after the pressure stopped climbing. they warn the release could be necessary if the situation changes. the radiation has been detected in japan's food supply. first in spinage and then milk from the farms near the plant. now it's detected in the tap water in tokyo as well as the beans exported into taiwan. the levels -- exported into taiwan. they say the levels are not high enough to cause physical injury ordaininger. >>> a terrible accident leaves a community in disbelief after a 4-year-old boy shot himself in the face. this morning police will hold a press conference regarding his death. sherrie johnson is live with more. >> reporter: baltimore city police are tryi
in japan and going to the soil outside. there is concern about the expanding spread of radiation. abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us with how this effect people here in maryland. sherrie. >> reporter: there are strong indications some of the radio activity in japan is coming from damaged nuclear fuel rods. this is the big problem in trying to bring the power plant under control. and some 9,000 miles away from japan, right here in maryland, state health officials say marylanders have little to worry about even though radio activity from tokyo's nuclear facilities is already here. the state has tested the public water system, but found very small amounts of radioactive materials. experts say we live with low levels of radiation coming from rocks and humans and the environment every day. officials say the traces of plutonium pose no immediate threat to public health. but there is frustration that the nuclear plant has been unable to stop the crisis more than two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami damaged the plant. >> you -- dish think it's unfortunate it spread over to the united states b
fired the first strikes in this campaign. >>> now to japan where workers are handing out bottled watter to families andn tokyo. after officials warned residents not give the infants tap watter to drink. radiation from the nuclear power plant crippled after the earthquake and tsunami has seeped into the city's water supply and there is no bottled water left on store shelves. workers at the plant are struggling to regain control of an overheating reactor that caused radiation to be released into the air. >>> charities from across the world are donating to japan. in japan, charities collected donation for victims on the devastating earthquake and tsunami earlier this month. yesterday's volunteers helped to sort and deliver much needed items including food and household products. one maryland woman from salisbury teaches english in japan and is from an area hit hard by the earthquake. she said on her facebook post, don't forget to donate if you can. just because it's not on thenews doesn't mean people here don't need help. this is going to take years to recover from. >>> also next month, on
japan -- dairy and produce imports from japan war nuclear reactor is leaking radiation. the fda is screening food from other parts of japan for radiation. oil prices are around $105 a barrel because of the unrest in the middle east. it could be worse. japan's oil consumption is down a million barrels a day because of the earthquake. price of oilup ped 24% in the -- oil jumped 24% in the past month. >>> -- a judge says a deal between google and publishers raises antitrust concerns. and aflac is holding open auditions for the spokes duck. those who think they are a quack above the rest can submit a demo at thanks for watching. i am peggy bunker. >>> now out good morning, maryland." >>> -- now "good morning maryland." >>> look at this video. a photographer in southwest iowa wap tured this shot of a funnel cloud in the distance. national weather service reported several tornadoes in nebraska and iowa. storms packed with gulf ball sized hail left scattered damage across the region. >>> tuesday was a perfect day for suffering on lake superior. but that had to be so col
this morning showing the tsunami in japan sweeping away a-tire town. this is the port and you can see the up to become an ocean in matter -- in a matter of four minutes. >>> as we keep watching what's happening in japan, the nuclear regulatory commission says we don't expect to see radiation at harmful levels reaching the united states. the environmental protection agency has a interesting website set up which monitors the air, food and water samples. we have an air monitor system here in baltimore. there's one in dc and one in dover delaware. the monitors are checked every day. and they detect helves far below any -- detect levels far below any levels of concern. head to and we have a link for the environmental protection agency on the website. >>> all right. so sports analogies apply. we are in the fourth quarter but the game has no overtime. nfl owners and players are battling over billions of dollars and that could lead to a lockout. ravens fans are banning together withhold your breath, steeler fans protesting the lockout at stayed yms across the u.s. these -- stayed yms ac
city and expanded across the country. >>> japan's government plans to overall safeguards. they say current safeguard were not sufficient to protect the plant against the tsunami. they ran into more problems today when two workers were drenched with radioactive water. the official death toll from the march 11th earthquake and tsunami passed 11,000 and 16,000 are still missing. >>> on this day in history, president ronald reagan was shotand seriously injured outside a washington, d.c. hotel. also wound white house press secretary james brandy and-- brady and a secret service agent. john hinckley junior was arrest for that shooting and found not gi yes -- guilty by reason of insanity and remains confined to psychiatric facility. reagan was the first serving u.s. president to survive being shot in an assassination attempt. >>> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 6:13. a very complicated weather pattern. there's no way to sugar coat this. but i want to give outhead you the headlines. watching the trend, we are dry, rain
to hear news of their daughter in japan gets the news they have been dreading. >>> and a new twist in the bethesda yoga shop murder. the victim's parents are speaking out for the first time. ♪ [ smack! ] [ smack! smack! smack! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> a woman said she was attacked in her -- and he coworker was murdered but police say she made the whole thing up. we hear from the family of the woman killed. >>> 50 dogs lived oth p one house and now they need good homes. how to a-- lived together in would house and now they need good homes. >>> hiring is in the favor of men these days. the stories are ahead on this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's check the forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> there's a frontal bondry draped across maryland. 34 york, pa. 48 in easton. but to the west and south of the bondry, still 50s. baltimore through t
is high with gas prices rising but the earthquake in japan set production back. the russian billionaire paid 100 million for the 30,000 square foot silicon valley mansion, among the highest price tag for a single family home. that's the money scope report, i am peggy bunker. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> look at this out in california. we talk about getting a few inches of snow and accumulation around here. nothing like this. a little perspective. this bring-- this spring in california where they are busy clearing out 12 feet of snow. people are working to clear it off the cars, businesses and homes. >> and we have guys working 24 hours a day, you know, plowing or snow blowing, and we had to hire extra people to shovel the roofs and the sidewalks and everything else as you can see. >> as of last thursday, 124 inches or more than 10 feet of snow fell there. and look at this. some close view images of the planet closest to the sun. nasa released more pictures of mercury. and nasa spacecraft called messenger capture the image from the first mission to orbit mercury. it has flown pas
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